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Jun 26, 2015
Life Stories of a Shorty- Firestarter

At the naive and fearless age of five...
Chilling in the living room some time after midnight and the household was snoring...
Watching the projection box projecting images of Shirley Temple twisting twirling
A frost bitten breeze roughens my skin and crystallizes my snot

A simple cover should suffice
still cold
Floor heater vent in the back corner
heated metal is too hot under my buns

Inspired by little Shirley my size and the empathy of little Goldie Locks
I begin to think I've got it!

I take a small number of floral printed couch pillows to the floor heater.... Feels Perfect
Thirst sets in

Upon returning with my glass of tap
A single gust of flame nearly grazes my backside as I stumble to regain my balance
I rush to my uncle.... a sleeping stone impossible to shake
so I slap!!
Got em!

Although nearly becoming a missing child his attention is quickly altered by the rising flames
Father, Mother, and bundled baby brother come barreling out of the first door to the right...

Next thing I know Sirens out front
Huge Yellow dressed men in and out of the front door frame with Blackened squares of fabric
Although hard to make out through the ironic rainfall sliding down the car windshield
So fast innocent and blessed is my life at the naive and fearless age of five

To this day Many don't realize how it all went down that night on the local news I was seen as a pint sized hero waking my family to evacuate the house which still stands to this day....
I still have my picture with the news anchor in my little pink turtleneck and jean dress

....and the framed plank stating as such....

Here are the real stories, just for you 
More life stories of this shorty coming soon....

Posted at 03:27 pm by LillyBell
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Jun 23, 2015
Drunken Thunder

This drunken thunder plunder I'm under
trying to move forward for me and you too
and I'm so joyful for you trust trotsky
naturally sitting here although alone but a gulp of few
this I chose to do...
I lye and try to remember like Katyi Cypher that fear is not real...
looking out this bedroom door LYE STILL and watch with the hall light on
just such my tummy tuck thoughts grow ill...
Illusions of my tucks creep up look still,
grab your emotions and pull back..... Exhale.
these products of my thoughts of the future, let them go and try to rest
just as the 'man in the hole' next door_
drunken thunder through my walls as if my shadow his thunder seems to follow...
Through the thin plaster acsending the bathroom mirror as I try to face myself
imaging em marsh Eminem letting his 8 mile imprint drift within my skull.. my soul..
interrupted by the 'tap tap tap' _
I swear I can see him seeing me through some hole crank_
these sounds taunt and laugh, thunder chucklez
  "Eh egh, I'm stuck drunk here
   and so are you!
   Nowhere to run hun! oh what would you do?!.... if you had to?!
   stuck in this fun dungeon' all alone.."

"One could drift" I reply... I think

  "That is near Insanity Katyi"

Drunken thunder don't taunt the baby no more ... Smh...
No Baby No More!!! Time to crank back
stand still
take these two seeds and plant myself
Taking this door frame and replacing it with what I desire
Once I find myself I'll sleep without fear then ghost here and there everywhere
I just pray that I may stretch out into enough distance to assist and drift
into the soul of ad least one being

Leaving a trace of my pollen in the wind at the end
Someone's little drunken thunder friend
Drunk here

Posted at 09:52 pm by LillyBell
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